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Recorded: Wednesday, May 11, 2022


Dennis M. Sandoval, Managing Partner of Sandoval Legacy Group

What Is Covered:

Major changes are coming for Non-MAGI Medi-Cal Eligibility. These changes will dramatically affect Long Term Care Medi-Cal planning and other types of Medi-Cal planning.

These costs are not only monetary, but they are emotional and physical as well. Learn how caring for a loved one can take a toll on you personally as well as your family’s pocketbook and what alternatives may be available.

This is a must-attend webinar if …

You are a senior caring for a spouse, those caring for an elderly family member or parent, and anyone working in health care.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN from this webinar:

  • Upcoming changes to Medi-Cal
  • How they may impact those who are still planning for the program
  • How they will impact those who have already made preparations
  • How these changes may create more planning opportunities for more people and why planning is still a necessity

Planning to Qualify for Long-Term Care Medi-Cal Benefits | Sandoval Legacy Group


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