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Estate Planning in Newport Beach

As you approach your later years in life, you may reflect on how you can continue to protect your loved ones well after you’re gone. The proper estate plan is vital to ensuring that your worldly assets go exactly where you intend. Additionally, it gifts your family and friends with all the financial resources to move on with their lives despite their grief. Still, the process of completing the necessary documents and learning the applicable laws can be challenging. That’s why we at Sandoval Legacy Group set out to provide comprehensive assistance every step of the way. Here’s what you need to know about estate planning in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach, California | Sandoval Legacy Group

More Than Inheritance

When many think of an estate plan, they envision a legal document that resembles a will. However, this isn’t all there is to these efforts. A will plays a major role in clearly establishing your wishes, beneficiaries, and inheritance amounts after your passing. But full estate plans can also ensure your care during your life. As professional Newport Beach estate planning attorneys, our team specializes in all facets of estate planning. This includes creating living trusts, appointing powers of attorney, and filing for HIPAA authorizations.

Some other things we can help with as Newport Beach estate planning lawyers include:

  • Pour-over-wills
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Guardianship appointment for minor children
  • Power of attorney for health care decisions

These are just a few examples of the additional services we can provide, and we specialize in customizing our offerings to suit the specific needs of each client that contacts us. So regardless of your unique circumstances, we’re confident that we can help you develop legal protections that work for you and your family.

Managing Your Assets

The primary objective of an estate plan is to organize an individual’s assets for distribution at a later date. As such, everyone, regardless of age, financial standing, or relationship status, should have one in place. It’s important to us at Sandoval Legacy Group that everyone has the necessary resources to protect their legacy. That’s why we encourage each person to craft their own legal protections that work for them. With the aid of our estate planning services in Newport, CA, you can ensure that you have all your needs met.

If you’re interested in estate planning in Newport Beach, contact us today for a virtual or in-person consultation. We’re excited to get you on the right path to protecting your loved ones and assets.

The following are included in your estate plan:

  • The Trust document
  • A Pour-Over Will (used for assets not placed in the trust)
  • A Durable power of attorney for asset management
  • A Durable power of attorney for health care decisions
  • A Nomination of Guardian for minor children (assuming there are minor children)

Take Control Of Your Future With Customized Estate Planning Services in Newport Beach

Estate Planning attorney, Taylor D. Holstrom, and the Sandoval Legacy Group team are happy to help executors, administrators, conservators, beneficiaries, and heirs with a free consultation. In order to make it convenient, we have offices in Orange County (Newport Beach) as well as throughout the Southern California region.

From Newport Beach To San Diego, Serving Clients Across Southern California

An estate plan is a roadmap for the future. We offer 30+ years of experience, guidance, and resources to help you protect your personal interests, your loved ones, and your legacy. No other law firm in Southern California has the knowledge and experience relating to estate planning, special needs planning, probate, conservatorships, business succession planning, tax planning, and trust administration as our lawyers and paralegal staff. We are truly Southern California’s premier estate planning, elder and tax law firm.

Sandoval Legacy Group is a top-rated estate planning and probate law firm serving clients in Orange County area and throughout Southern California. You can expect honest, professional and reliable customer service suited to fit your individual or family needs.

In addition to beautiful Newport Beach location, we also offer legal services in San Diego, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.

In Addition To Estate Planning, Our Attorneys Specialize the Following Practice Areas

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Sandoval Legacy Group is committed to answering your questions about Estate Planning, Special Needs Planning, Probate, Trust Administration, and Conservatorships issues in Newport Beach, California.


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To make this process as easy on you as possible, we offer a free one-hour consultation via phone, virtual (zoom), or in-office. Contact us for your free one-hour consultation. Our experienced estate planning attorneys look forward to hearing from you. 


Newport Beach, California | Sandoval Legacy Group

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With office locations throughout Southern California, Sandoval Legacy Group, a division of Holstrom, Block & Parke, offers comprehensive and personalized estate planning, special needs planning, trust administration, probate, and conservatorships expert services in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County.

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