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Revocable Living Trust in California

We meticulously plan our careers, vacations, and retirements, yet many of us forget to create a course of action for what happens after we’re gone. Your legacy shouldn’t be left to chance. That’s where the Sandoval Legacy Group, a division of Holstrom, Block & Parke, steps in—offering guidance, experience, and resources to ensure your legacy endures exactly as you envision it.

Revocable living trusts in California are one of the useful legal arrangements that we can help you build and manage. This is what you need to know about them and our commitment to ensuring you get the most out of your estate planning efforts.

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What Is a Durable Power of Attorney?

A revocable living trust is a powerful tool in estate planning that allows you to maintain control over your assets while you’re alive and distribute them after your death, according to your wishes. Unlike a will, a revocable living trust avoids probate, ensuring a smoother transition for your heirs. You can alter or revoke it as your circumstances or wishes change, offering flexibility and security for your future planning.

Why Opt for a Revocable Living Trust in California?

Setting up a revocable living trust in California ensures the following:

  • Your estate bypasses the lengthy public probate process.
  • Your loved ones are provided for quickly and without unnecessary legal hurdles.
  • You maintain privacy regarding the assets and distribution plans of your estate.
  • Your financial affairs remain managed during incapacitation.

How Can Sandoval Legacy Group Assist?

At Sandoval Legacy Group, we understand the complexity and importance of establishing a revocable living trust in California. Our top-rated attorneys can craft personalized estate plans that fit your unique family needs and goals. We promise to meet the following goals:

  • Every aspect of your estate, including trust planning, asset protection, and tax strategies, is meticulously addressed.
  • Advanced estate planning solutions mitigate potential tax liabilities for you and your heirs.
  • Your estate planning reflects extensive knowledge of California’s estate, trust, gift, and tax laws.

Initiating Your Revocable Living Trust

  1. Consultation: Schedule a consultation with our revocable living trust attorneys to discuss your estate planning needs and goals.
  2. Customized Plan Creation: Our lawyers will tailor an estate plan, focusing on creating a revocable living trust that aligns with your wishes.
  3. Implementation: We guide you through the process of transferring your assets into the trust, ensuring full legality and efficacy.
  4. Continuous Support: Our relationship doesn’t end with the creation of your trust. We offer ongoing support, advising on any adjustments as your life and laws change.

Empower Your Future Generations

Now is the time to take a crucial step toward securing a future of certainty, comfort, and peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. With locations throughout Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties, the Sandoval Legacy Group is here to serve the estate planning needs of Southern Californians.

Don’t Leave Your Legacy to Chance

Take control of your future today by reaching out to the Sandoval Legacy Group. Call us at (888) 502-2881 or contact us online to learn how we can help you set up a revocable living trust in California that’s tailored to protect your personal interests, your loved ones, and your legacy.


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With office locations throughout Southern California, Sandoval Legacy Group, a division of Holstrom, Block & Parke, offers comprehensive and personalized estate planning, special needs planning, trust administration, probate, and conservatorships expert services in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County.

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