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Recorded: Wednesday, December 20, 2021


Dennis M. Sandoval, Managing Partner of Sandoval Legacy Group

Everything you need to know about how a Roth IRA may save you from increased income and estate taxes.

Top elder law attorney Dennis Sandoval will discuss everything you need to know about potential changes to the tax law being discussed by Congress right now and how a Roth IRA could benefit you in the future.


  • What is a Roth IRA?
  • What are the advantages of establishing a Roth IRA Plan versus a Traditional IRA?
  • Does it make sense to convert traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs?
  • Do the tax increases currently being proposed by Congress give you even more reasons to convert from traditional IRAs to Roth IRA before year-end?
  • Can converting to a Roth IRA save estate tax?

Bonus Presentation:

  • Charitable IRA Rollovers – What are they and do are they a strategy you should be considering?

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