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Playing Robinhood: Will Congress Raise Estate Tax and Gift Tax on the Rich in 2021?

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Watch the recorded “Playing Robinhood: Will Congress Raise Estate Tax and Gift Tax on the Rich in 2021?” webinar hosted by expert Estate Planning, Elder, and Tax Law attorney, Dennis M. Sandoval.

Recorded: May 2021


Dennis M. Sandoval, Managing Partner of Sandoval Legacy Group

What Is Covered:

Possible tax law changes could have a considerable impact on high-net-worth individuals in the very near future. Now is the time to be proactive and minimize the impact.

  • Who will be impacted by these tax law changes?
  • What is the 99.5% Tax Act and how does it work? Specifically, how will the government crack down on current estate planning techniques to reduce estate taxes for wealthy individuals?
  • How will these estate planning strategies drastically change?
  • Recommended planning strategies that you can implement before these laws take effect, including Prepay at a discount
  • Squeeze the estate
  • Freeze the estate
  • Benefitting charity while saving on estate taxes
  • Gift and estate tax
  • Increased taxes on the rich
  • Increased capital gain tax rates
  • Limiting Section 1014 “step-up basis at death”
  • Section 1031 “like-kind exchanges”
  • Medicare tax reform
  • … and much more!